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Choosing a school for your daughter in Perth.


While going through the journey of choosing a school for your daughter, there are several key considerations you can look at to help make the best decision. One great way is to tour a school, helping clarify if a leading all girls school, like Penrhos College has everything you desire.

Key considerations when choosing a new school

There are many reasons to choose a new school, from an easy-to-reach location, to a focus on individual learning pathways, to gaining additional support for your daughter. Depending on your family’s goals and ideal budget, major considerations will take priority.


Deciding between a public vs private all girls school

One of the biggest decisions a parent has to make when choosing between schools in Perth is between public and private schools. The main practical difference is public schools are free and private colleges are not, but there are also eligibility conditions to take into account.

Public schools typically operate with catchment zones, where the location of your primary address determines whether your children are accepted. Private schools tend to have a specific admission process, where smaller class sizes and high quality facilities are a huge benefit to a productive learning environment.


What are the benefits of a girls private school in Perth?

The specialised education offered by an all girls private school like Penrhos College are endless, with a clear focus on building the esteem and confidence of these young women as they grow and develop. By allowing girls to shine they can learn to become empowered, and many all-girl school graduates go on to strive for leadership positions later in life.

It’s been shown that single-sex schools improve the social well-being and self-esteem of young girls, where smaller class sizes and a lack of peer pressure benefit their learning experience.

All-girls schools provide an environment that fosters more than just academic achievement, their focus is on long-lasting skills, motivation and life success — from deeper involvement in leadership roles and a stronger sense of self-worth, to paths that lead girls onto higher education and successful careers in many industries.


How important is it to tour a school?

Carrying out online research is naturally a great way to discover the best schools in your area, and to find the right leading girls private school in Perth for your child. However, there is no replacement for visiting a school in person to tour the grounds and facilities, and meet with both the students and teachers.

School visits are a powerful tool for both parents and children to gain a deeper understanding of not only what a school has to offer, but what their personal priorities are when selecting the right college. Whether you join a guided tour event to experience the campus and meet the staff, or opt for a personalised tour for added flexibility, you’ll leave with a clear idea of the school’s capabilities and ethos.

If an in-person tour is not feasible, Penrhos College offers an innovative virtual tour.


The next steps

Penrhos College is proud to be one of the leading schools in Perth, providing a superior, inclusive education for girls through tailored teaching practices and impeccable facilities. The hard work carried out by award-winning teachers is focused on helping each girl achieve their personal best, with high ATAR results and outstanding co-curricular programs showcasing our ongoing success.

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